ASTRO’s Moonbin’s Drastic Transformation Proves He’s Gorgeous At Any Weight

As long as he’s healthy, we don’t care what his weight is!

When it comes to weight and dieting in the K-Pop industry, it’s most often female idols that are the center of such discussions. From extremely harmful diets to frightening weight loss or gain, conversations about idols’ weights are rarely positive.

However, ASTRO‘s Moonbin has recently become the center of attention due to his weight gain, and netizens seem to have nothing but praise for him!

Moonbin (ASTRO)

For a while, it seems like Moonbin was around 70kg (or 155 lbs.). For someone who is 181cm (or 5’11”) tall, this was already a very average and healthy weight for the idol.

Moobin allegedly at 70kg

He looked toned and fit already at this weight, and he was clearly in good shape considering how great of a performer he has always been!

With his naturally handsome visuals, too, he’s always been someone that many K-Pop fans are attracted to!



In more recent times, however, it seems that Moonbin has bulked up significantly!

Moonbin after bulk-up

He’s allegedly closer to 80kg (175 lbs.) now, and based on how he looks, it seems like it’s all muscle!

Gaining 10kg of muscle is no easy feat, and it undoubtedly took a lot of hard work and effort on Moonbin’s part.

His bulk-up has even recently been the subject of a post on an online Korean forum. Titled “The difference in a man’s weight as shown through Moonbin”, the post includes the images shared above and below comparing how the ASTRO member looked both before and after his weight gain.

The author includes the comment, “I like both… So I can’t decide…” which we find highly relatable.


According to comments on the post, there are a lot of fans that love how he looks at both weights too! While some do seem to prefer his bulked-up figure, most netizens seem to agree that he looks great no matter what.

  • “Wow his body is crazy, seriously. But in real life, it’s gotta be 80kg”
  • “80kgㅜㅜㅜ but both are good”
  • “Crazy… he’s totally a man….”
  • “We have to choose…? I love both… phew”
  • “80kg Moonbin for me!!! 80kg!!!”
  • “I prefer him skinnier but he’s gorgeous either way lol. That last gif is crazy. Whoa”
  • “Both good because he has more manly looking face so there’s no gap between his face and body like in some cases where baby faced idols bulk up.”
  • “The weight doesn’t matter as long as he’s healthy, he always looks good”

As long as Moonbin is happy and healthy with his body and weight, we fully support however he wants to look!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa