ASTRO’s Moonbin Shocks Netizens With The Transformation Of His Flawless And Muscular Physique During Recent Concert

Here’s a look at the transformation over the years!

ASTRO recently stole the hearts of fans when they traveled to Japan for their STARGAZER: The 3rd ASTROAD to Japan shows. Throughout the two shows, the members showcased their talent, charisma, and visuals to thousands of fans.

Yet, one member who particularly caught the attention of fans for his physique was member Moonbin.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

As expected, the show was full of so many iconic moments, but one stood out for netizens and AROHAs and it was during their track, “Call Out.” In a TikTok that has been watched over 800,000 times, the members of the group seemed to be trying to undress Moonbin with the help of leader JinJin, who was already shirtless.

Moonbin didn’t seem to protest too much. Although it was a struggle, JinJin eventually ended up ripping Moonbin’s shirt off, much to the surprise of fans watching.

Once the shirt was off, rather than being shy, Moonbin seemed to embrace his physique as he continued performing on stage… and it was even met with an adorable reaction from the youngest member Sanha.

In some amazing fan pictures posted by fans, it was impossible not to notice just how dazzling Moonbin’s proportions were.

ASTRO’s Moonbin showcasing his physique | @moonbinthinker/Twitter
| @moonbinthinker/Twitter
| @moonbinthinker/Twitter
| @moonbinthinker/Twitter

Unsurprisingly, the images and clips from the show gained attention from netizens worldwide. Many even pointed out that, despite showcasing his own physique, even Eunwoo was shook by seeing Moonbin and JinJin.

Although this shocked fans, Moonbin has continued to shock netizens with the development of his physique throughout his years. Moonbin had already gained attention for his muscles when the idol before he debuted, which seemed toned but fitted with his youthful visuals.

ASTRO’s Moonbin before debuting

During the past year, Moonbin’s muscles and physique had been emphasized even more as he bulked up massively. One iconic moment was during a live broadcast when oldest member MJ exposed the extent of Moonbin’s muscles.


His frame might have gotten smaller and less muscular, but Moonbin has still gained attention for his physique as many think it looks much healthier and easier and safer to maintain.

| @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

No matter whether Moonbin continues with this frame or chooses to bulk up again, it isn’t surprising that fans cannot get enough of the idol’s physique and that it is enough to drive netizens crazy.

You can read more about Moonbin’s body transformation below.

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Source: @bewithrocky/TikTok