Rocky Writes An Emotional And Heartfelt Letter To ASTRO’s Moonbin At His Memorial

“I counted the years we spent together …”

On April 19, ASTRO‘s Moonbin sadly passed away. The tragic news shocked the K-Pop industry; many of its biggest stars and netizens mourned the idol.

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Following the news, Fantagio set up a memorial, and fans have shared letters, gifts, and flowers for the idol.

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Recently, one netizen saw a manager put up another note, and they saw it was none other than Rocky.

K-Pop idol Rocky | @p_rocky/Instagram

In ASTRO, Rocky and Moonbin always had a close bond. Aside from being two of the group’s main dancers, Moonbin and Rocky always had netizens laughing with their charming personalities.



On April 26, one fan shared a photo of a letter that had been put up by staff from Rocky. In the letter, Rocky, who referred to himself as his real name Minhyuk, shared his feelings and how he hopes Moonbin can visit him often, even if it was just in his dreams.

Hyung, it’s me Min Hyuk. I counted the years we spent together and realized it was 13 years. That’s a pretty long time, right? We have as many memories together as the time we’ve spent together, but if I think about it, even the tough times were fun because I was with you, hyung. We really went through a lot… I still can’t believe I won’t have you around to joke about the good old days. Even if my breath was stuck in my throat, I was able to get through it because I’d smile as soon as we looked at each other. Hyung, how do I dance now? Who do I talk to? I’m worried… I think I’ll be struggling a lot, so visit me even if it’s in my dreams and let’s talk. I’ll wait, so after getting some rest, come visit me hyung. I’m going to miss you a lot and I love you. See you soon.

— Rocky

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While Rocky left ASTRO earlier in the year, fans noticed that the idol continued to show his love for the group after he was spotted wearing an earpiece with the ASTRO logo. He also wore the group friendship ring at his first appearance following the news.

ASTRO’s AROHA Spot An Emotional Detail In Rocky’s Recent Performance With HAWW

The whole K-Pop community has come together to share messages for Moonbin, an idol who touched the hearts and lives of so many people.

You can read more emotional letters to Moonbin below.

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