ASTRO’s Moonbin And Sanha Choose SHINee As Their Role Models

They hope that their music can heal people.

ASTRO’s unit group Moonbin& Sanha held a photo shoot with a beauty life magazine and showed their great chemistry together.

On September 14, the duo released their mini album IN OUT with the title track “Bad Idea” which shows a more toned-down sexy concept.

Being the first unit group from ASTRO, they have proved their great chemistry as a duo through both their music and style.

In regards to the preparation for the album, Moonbin commented, “I prepared for this with the hopes that people can forget the bad things and only have happy memories.”

He added, “I overestimate myself. I dance with thought of capturing the hearts of other fans. In the end, I often feel proud because I have succeeded.”

When asked about what they put their biggest focus on for the unit group, Sanha chose their outfits. “I didn’t think that we would be wearing outfits,” revealing things that were different from when they were promoting as ASTRO.

They also revealed who their role model was and why they wanted to be like them.

It would be great if we could become a group with the same style as SHINee. They are always trying out different styles of music and they have their own sound and color where anyone who hears it immediately knows it’s them.

— Moonbin

Take a listen to their new track below!

Source: xsportsnews