ASTRO’s Moonbin Proves He’s The Most Supportive Sibling To Billlie’s Moon Sua In A Subtle Way Every Day

Netizens notice an adorable detail that even touched Moon Sua!

ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Billlie‘s Moon Sua are one of K-Pop’s iconic sibling duos, and they always show their support for one another in adorable ways.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram
Billlie’s Moon Sua | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

The two siblings showcase their insane duality onstage with their respective groups and in collaboration stages together. 

Although they were born only a year apart, Moonbin debuted with ASTRO in 2016, while Moon Sua debuted with Billlie in 2021. They consistently support each other and often show their close sibling bond, and Moonbin often cheers his younger sister on knowing that the life of a K-Pop idol is not always easy!

Billlie’s Moon Sua (left) and ASTRO’s Moonbin (right) | @Billlieofficial/Twitter

Although she’s the dongsaeng, Moon Sua has also touchingly shown her support for her older brother, even sending a food truck to cheer on her brother and his fellow ASTRO members for their The 3rd ASTROAD to Seoul [STARGAZER] concert.

| @offclASTRO/Twitter

Recently, eagle-eyed fans became curious when they spotted a sticker of a drawing of a short-haired girl on Moonbin’s phone and wondered if it was Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘s main character Woo Young Woo. Moonbin is known to be a fan of the popular drama.

Sticker on Moonbin’s phone | theqoo

Going straight to the source to find out, Moonbin hilariously and endearingly shared that it wasn’t a sticker of Woo Young Woo; it was a sticker photo of his sister that Moon Sua had placed on his phone.

| theqoo

– Oh, that.
– The sticker.
– Sua put it there.
– It’s not Woo Young Woo.

– It’s Sua.
– I don’t know where you can buy it.
– She just put it there.

Fans also asked Moon Sua about the sticker when an adorable detail was revealed during their conversation.

Fans informed Moon Sua that not only did Moonbin keep the photo sticker on his phone, but he also moved it to his new phone case when he replaced his old one.

Moonbin’s new phone case | theqoo

Moon Sua reacted to the heartwarming gesture while sharing that a fan had made the sticker for her.

| theqoo

– The sticker on my oppa’s phone?
– Oh, I put that there.
– It’s a sticker of me that I got from a fan.
– So I put one on oppa’s phone.
– Oh.
– He changed his phone case and moved the sticker over, too?
– Whaaat, that’s so sweet…

Moonbin’s subtle way of showing love for her younger sister shows what a great older brother he is!

Check out the article below for more on the iconic sibling duo!

ASTRO’s Moonbin And Billlie’s Moon Sua Prove They’re An Iconic Sibling Duo In A Collaboration Stage

Source: theqoo

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