AleXa Shows Her Support For ATEEZ By “Biting” During Live Concert

We love to see artists supporting artists!

The “Say My Name” plagiarism accusations against Street Man Fighter contestant Vata have been ongoing for over a week now as ATEEZ fans continue to voice their frustration over the issue.

ATEEZ | KQ Entertainment

Throughout the ordeal, ATINYs and netizens alike have been supportive of ATEEZ’s members and choreographers as they’ve voiced their frustrations both verbally and non-verbally. Most notably, Wooyoung was the center of attention for a lot of the conversation due to his actions during a live show.

Wooyoung (ATEEZ)

During ATEEZ’s performance at 2022 KCON Saudi Arabia, Wooyoung used his freestyle dance during their “The Real” choreography to perform the “biting” move used often in dance communities to call someone out for plagiarism.

And now, it seems like another K-Pop artist is showing her stance on the issue by doing something similar during her own concert!

AleXa | ZB Label

Soloist AleXa just started her U.S. tour with an opening concert in Jersey City, New Jersey on October 18. As could be expected from the talented idol, she put on a phenomenal performance!

One part of the concert, however, caught the eyes of many ATINYs. AleXa can be seen doing a short version of the “driving” dance move from “Say My Name”, followed soon after by the same “biting” gesture that Wooyoung performed as mentioned.

It’s clear from this clip that she’s well-aware of the ongoing issue, and her stance on the matter seems to be pretty clearly in support of ATEEZ.

AleXa | ZB Label

Those who have been following AleXa for a while and know how much she loves ATEEZ aren’t too surprised to see her supporting them openly, but are still glad to see it!

It’s wonderful to see fellow artists like AleXa show their support for ATEEZ and their choreographers during this stressful time! You can watch the music video for “Say My Name” below.

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