ATEEZ Fans Are Continuing To Demand An Apology From “Street Man Fighter”‘s Vata After Plagiarism Accusations

He’s been silent so far.

ATEEZ and their fandom have had a tumultuous week since Street Man Fighter contestant Vata included a move identical to the iconic choreography for “Say My Name” during one of the show’s challenges.

Since the issue arose, fans have accused the dancer of plagiarism, and even Wooyoung himself seemed to make his stance on the issue known by using the “biting” gesture during multiple instances to call Vata out for copying the move created by their own choreographers.

One of the choreographers, Anze Skrube, has also since shared multiple stories on his Instagram in support of ATEEZ and showing his stance on the plagiarism accusations, and even made a personal statement about it.

What makes fans even more upset is this is far from the first time that ATEEZ has been copied by other performers. Earlier this year, for example, their song “Wave” was sampled without permission by (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon for My Teenage Girl‘s finale song; thankfully in this instance, she and Cube Entertainment did apologize for the plagiarism, but it’s still upsetting regardless.

Along with this, Mnet has been accused multiple times of mistreating ATEEZ during Kingdom: Legendary War and the 2021 MAMAs. Considering that Mnet hosts Street Man Fighter, ATEEZ fans think that the company may be trying to cover up the issue and move on without a proper response.

Earlier in the season of Street Man Fighter, another contestant, Park Hyunse of YGX and Loyal Chumps, was allowed to issue an apology after he made an offensive now-deleted post on Instagram seemingly mocking rookie girl group NewJeans. While the issue was different than plagiarism, some fans are using this as another example that Mnet may be turning a blind eye in this particular situation towards ATEEZ.

The “Say My Name” plagiarism accusations and reactions have happened over the course of the past three or four days, and during that time, Vata and Mnet have been mostly silent about the ordeal. Mnet did make a brief statement saying that they were, “In the midst of arranging a position while respecting the situation of the artist (Vata) as much as possible”, further upsetting fans due to ATEEZ and their choreographers being the ones plagiarized in the situation.

In order to continue to demand an apology from Mnet and Vata, ATINYs have been flooding social media with hashtags and phrases such as #RESPECTATEEZ, #SayMyName_ATEEZ, “SAY MY NAME”, and “내 이름은 이름은 A to the Z” to keep the conversation alive and show that they won’t just let it go without a fight.

We hope that ATEEZ and their choreographers end up getting the response and treatment that they deserve in this situation, and receive proper credit for the incredible work that they do!


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