Mnet Under Fire For Alleged Mistreatment Of ATEEZ At “2021 MAMAs” And “Kingdom: Legendary War”

“ATINYs are tired of the disrespect Mnet has given ATEEZ…”

Following the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs), music television channel Mnet has come under fire from fans for its treatment of ATEEZ this year, as well as of other artists.

ATEEZ at the 2021 MAMAs | /Mnet

Allegedly, Mnet failed to give ATEEZ respectful treatment on multiple occasions, most notably at the 2021 MAMAs and during the survival show Kingdom: Legendary War.

According to fans online, there were instances during Kingdom: Legendary War in which ATEEZ were screamed at, were not informed correctly about certain activities (such as a shoot that took place outdoors), and had the rhythm of their performance changed, among other things.

Additionally, the members’ names, ages and positions seem to have been mistaken during the broadcast, with San, for example, being labelled as ‘main dancer’ instead of ‘vocalist’ and even being labelled with the wrong group name as ‘THE BOYZ San.’

At the 2021 MAMAs, fans believe that the camerawork failed to properly capture the quality of ATEEZ’s performance and what’s more, one of the microphones given to them was allegedly not working properly.

Fans also pointed out that in an Mnet broadcast of ATEEZ’s “Fireworks” comeback earlier this year, a caption claimed that there are 7 members in the group, when in reality there are 8—rapper Mingi was on hiatus at the time but still very much a part of the group.

These instances have led to a backlash against Mnet, and it is not the first time. Fans were similarly upset at the treatment of TXT at the 2021 MAMAs, as the camerawork for their performances also left something to be desired and leader Soobin‘s speech was even cut off as the group accepted their award for Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10. Additionally, fans also called out Mnet after they noticed that a beauty filter had been used on actor Ahn Bo Hyun (and others) in social media posts for the 2021 MAMAs.

Now, the hashtags #RESPECT FOR ATEEZ and #DISBAND_MNET are trending to call attention to the issues with the artists’ treatment, and fans are using them to come out in support not only of ATEEZ, but of other artists as well.

ATEEZ handled their difficulties during broadcast with extreme professionalism, delivering impressive performances despite everything and making fans extremely proud. It remains to be seen how Mnet will address these allegations, as well as those concerning other artists.

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