Netizens Call Out Mnet For Using A Beauty Filter On Ahn Bo Hyun And Others In “2021 MAMA” Posts

“He doesn’t need beauty filter.”

Ahn Bo Hyun has become one of our favorite actors in 2021.

Ahn Bo Hyun

Gone are the days of him playing characters we love to hate. We’re looking at you, Itaewon Class.

Park Seo Joon (left) and Ahn Bo Hyun (right) in “Itaewon Class” | Netflix & JTBC

Now, he’s the leading man…

Kim Go Eun (left) and Ahn Bo Hyun (right).

With roles in both Yumi’s Cells and My Name this year, we’ve seen two very different yet lovable sides to this man.

Ahn Bo Hyun’s solo “My Name” poster.

So, over the weekend, it’s no surprise that he didn’t just attend Mnet‘s 23rd awards ceremony of the Mnet Asian Music Awards, also known as the 2021 MAMA. He also low-key stole the show despite just being an announcer.

Ahn Bo Hyun at “2021 MAMA” red carpet. | @bohyunahn/Instagram

While he was on the red carpet, he stopped to film several videos for MAMA‘s social media accounts.


[2021MAMA] #redcarpet #tiktokzone #AHNBOHYUN #안보현

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – MAMA – MAMA

Some were especially cute, but there was one that sparked some heated discussion in the comment section.

| @bohyunahn/Instagram

The post in question is this seemingly harmless TikTok.

Ahn Bo Hyun seized the opportunity, using the platform to show off his charms. He walked the carpet before giving the camera a spin.

He even invited the camera to come closer to show off his handsome face better, but the camera operator failed to do so. Thus, the video ended with him approaching the camera.

Many commenters praised Ahn Bo Hyun’s good looks, admiring his OOTD, a sophisticated tux.

| @mnetmama/TikTok

Nonetheless, the majority couldn’t ignore that there was something seriously different about Ahn Bo Hyun’s appearance. Netizens recognized an obvious beauty filtering on the actor and demanded why anyone would add that on this video.

| @mnetmama/TikTok

Especially when you look back at Ahn Bo Hyun’s own social media posts from the night, it’s clear that the TikTok video was heavily filtered.

Let’s compare some more photos. Looking at a professionally photographed and edited photo of Ahn Bo Hyun on the red carpet next to…

…a screenshot from MAMA‘s TikTok video of him is actually scary. His stunning sharp, chiseled features have not only been softened but made significantly smaller.

The man is professionally an actor and model. Clearly, he’s known for his appearance, so to change it so drastically is unfathomable.

Still, this is the only time that MAMA edited Ahn Bo Hyun so drastically. He looks different in their various posts featuring him. For example, in his video done by Stanbot, a robot-operated camera, he looks much more like the man we recognize!

Regardless, Ahn Bo Hyun was not the only victim of TikTok’s beauty filter. Multiple idol groups and actors too were filtered during the filming of their videos for Mnet’s socials.

ENHYPEN’s MAMA TikTok. | @mnetmama/TikTok

There are groups filled with visuals yet filtered to look unrecognizable.

aespa’s MAMA TikTok. | @mnetmama/TikTok
Nam Yoon Soo’s MAMA TikTok. | @mnetmama/TikTok

However, it’s actually possible that MAMA‘s TikTok creator had no ill intention to edit anyone’s appearance. Previously, TikTokers have pointed out that South Korea’s version of the app automatically puts a filter on your videos regardless of the selection of “filter” or “no filter.” No matter what, this version of the app will give users a lighter complexion and softer features.


crazy how different you can look with the beauty filters in Korea!! another reason not to trust the internet 😅 #instagramvsreality #filters

♬ original sound – AVA

You can watch the full Ahn Bo Hyun TikTok for 2021 MAMA below:


[2021MAMA] #redcarpet #tiktokzone #AHNBOHYUN #안보현

♬ Classic – MKTO

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Source: @mnetmama

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