ATEEZ Fans Trend #ApologizeToJosh As “New Thing” Choreographer Vata Denies Plagiarism

They demand respect for ATEEZ and their choreographers.

ATEEZ fans have recently been upset due to a plagiarism controversy surrounding ATEEZ’s “Say My Name” choreography and Street Man Fighter Vata‘s viral choreography for “New Thing”. The starting choreography for “New Thing” consists of a motorcycle movement that fans claim to be copied from “Say My Name”.

Vata’s choreography.
ATEEZ’s choreography. 

Vata has denied the claims, citing creative inspiration from the wilderness.

When I first heard the song, I thought of the wilderness, and so I made the intro of riding a horse or motorcycle. That’s why in the beginning, there is a motion of kicking to start the engine and a motion of getting off the bike. These are parts of one move that transition from one to the other.

— Vata

Fans were further incensed and trended “#ApologizeToJosh”, referring to one of the original creators of “Say My Name”.

Fans view that the original choreographers, Anze Skrube, Josh Smith, and Johnny Erasme should have been credited and apologized to properly.

Fans have also been encouraging fans to continue to speak out on social media about the matter.

KQ, ATEEZ’s agency, and Mnet, who houses Street Man Fighter, have both not spoken about the issue.



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