ATEEZ’s Wooyoung Publicly Calls Out Sasaengs Who Phoned During A Live Broadcast

It’s becoming a regular issue for idols!

Despite their busy schedules, K-Pop idols always ensure that they take time out to interact with fans. In particular, live broadcasts are always a fan favorite because they can see their favorite idols and comment on them in the hopes of being noticed.

Recently, ATEEZ traveled to America for the next part of their world tour.

The members of ATEEZ | @ateezOfficial/ Twitter

Like the last time they went to America, the members treated ATINY to live broadcasts through YouTube in pairs, according to rooms. The first duo was San and Mingi

Mingi (left) and San (right) in America | ATEEZ/ YouTube

And then it was the turn of the two youngest members, Wooyoung and Jongho! As expected, it was a lot of fun with the duo interacting with fans and telling funny stories.

Wooyoung (left) and Jongho (right) | ATEEZ/ YouTube

Yet, although the members seemed comfortable and excited about the tour, one moment stood out to fans, and it wasn’t positive. At one point, Wooyoung kept looking at Jongho’s phone.

Although ATINY didn’t notice it at first, Wooyoung quickly explained what was happening and fans weren’t happy. It seems as if “fans” or those more known as sasaengs had got Jongho’s number and had been calling him.

We’re in the middle of a live, you shouldn’t call you guys keep calling Jongho, but it’s not a good thing to do.

— Wooyoung

| ATEEZ/ YouTube

It seems as if Jongho had noticed as well, adding, “I was trying to pretend that I didn’t know, but it’s true…” Although Jongho seemed more reluctant to speak about it initially, Wooyoung proved just how serious an issue it is, explaining, “Do not do it,” which Jongho agreed with.

| ATEEZ/ YouTube

As expected, Wooyoung showcased that, despite the calls, he is still respectful and didn’t want to come across too harsh, even though many fans would’ve supported him.

We are grateful (that you like us) but please don’t do that. We’re doing a live, so don’t do that.

— Wooyoung

| ATEEZ/ YouTube

He also shared that it wasn’t just a casual occurrence and that the phone had received four calls from restricted numbers, which often happens during live broadcasts.

| ATEEZ/ YouTube

After the broadcast, fans shared their own reactions to what happened. As expected, they were very angry at these so-called “fans” for getting hold of private information about the members, including their personal phone numbers, and using them in this way.

However, Wooyoung isn’t the first idol to call out sasaengs during live broadcasts. In the past, EXO‘s Sehun publicly called out those who were calling him during a live broadcast…

Please don’t call me, I’m requesting you. I receive over a hundred calls a day, but I’m not changing my number on purpose. Even if I change it, I’ll receive calls, so that’s even more troublesome to do so. So I made decided to just not change it.

— EXO’s Sehun


MONSTA X‘s Minhyuk also called out sasaengs when they kept calling him during his birthday live broadcast, even saying that this type of fan “is not a real Monbebe.”


Many netizens have a similar view to Minhyuk, believing that those who do this sort of thing don’t have the right to be called a “fan,” similarly to those who mob idols at the airport.

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