EXO’s Sehun Asks Sasaengs To Stop Calling Him On Live Stream

He handled the situation well.

Idols often receive phone calls from sasaengs. Sasaengs, are fans who obsessively cross the line in their love for the idol, and go to extents to retrieve personal information and invade their privacy. This commonly includes waiting at their dorms or making phone calls to them. Often, these phone calls are made when the idol is on a live stream, so that they can confirm the phone number, or feel some sort of satisfaction.

Recently, EXO‘s Sehun was at the end of such phone calls. He made a request politely for them to stop calling him during his live stream.

Please don’t call me, I’m requesting you. I receive over a hundred calls a day, but I’m not changing my number on purpose. Even if I change it, I’ll receive calls, so that’s even more troublesome to do so. So I made decided to just not change it.

— Sehun

Many fans praised Sehun for the calm yet polite way he handled the situation and addressed the sasaengs.

This is not the first time that idols have spoken up against sasaengs. NCT‘s Haechan and Taeyong have also spoken up to request for sasaengs to stop coming by their dorms. Here’s to hoping that the situation will get better!