ATEEZ’s Members Are The Most Considerate Friends While Taking Care Of An Injured Wooyoung During Recent Concerts

They’re such wonderful people ❤

Recently, KQ Entertainment announced that ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung would be taking a temporary hiatus due to an ankle injury. Despite the injury, he took part in the group’s two-day concert in Kobe over the weekend on May 6 and 7, though he spent most of the concert sitting.

Fans are relieved that Wooyoung will now have some time to properly rest and recover from his injury by not participating in the group’s schedules, but they’re also thankful that he was so determined to perform during the Kobe concerts!

While he couldn’t participate in ATEEZ’s choreographies during the concerts, the other members made sure to include him in pretty much any way they could.

It was clear in their actions just how much they care about and take care of Wooyoung and each other, and it was so endearing to see all the little interactions and shows of support for him!

Jongho impressed fans by carrying Wooyoung while still managing to sing just as phenomenally as always. It’s also a sweet throwback to when Jongho was injured and carried by his members.


Jongho was injured and they carry him🥹🥺 #jongho #ateez #maknaeontop

♬ original sound – twinkypurplejongho – jjong

Even during the middle of choreographies, they gave Wooyoung cute reminders that they care about him.

Yunho also took a turn carrying Wooyoung on his back, which they both seemed to enjoy!

Some of their gestures were a little more secretive, but still adorable.

Even Hongjoong was being particularly sweet to Wooyoung during the concert, as the two are normally known for playfully bickering with each other!

Some of the members seemed to dedicate some of their lines to Wooyoung, which is so endearing.

They seemed to add extra energy to some moments to make up for Wooyoung not being able to be as outgoing as he usually is on stage.

They certainly couldn’t leave him out of taking a group photo together!

These are the benefits of having such strong and kind-hearted friends taking care of you!

There were just too many cute interactions between Wooyoung and the other members to include them all!

We wish Wooyoung a speedy recovery from his injury, and that he’s able to rest as much as he needs to get back to his usual energetic and outgoing self!


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