ATEEZ’s Yeosang Reveals Why TXT’s Taehyun Recently Texted Him

They reminded everyone how close they are.

Soon after TXT‘s Yeonjun tuned into ATEEZ‘s Wooyoung‘s live broadcast to drop some sweet commentsYeosang held his own live broadcast and shared that another TXT member was tuning into his streams as well.

Yeosang | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

Taehyun was one of the viewers watching Yeosang’s live broadcast and ended up revealing how close the two idols are.


In Yeosang’s latest live broadcast, he mentioned receiving a message from Taehyun during his previous one. He said, “Taehyun texted me, ‘Hyung, are you on [live]?’

As soon as Yeosang confirmed it was true, he realized he’d forgotten something. He messaged Taehyun back, “‘Yes, you were watching it? Oh, I should’ve talked about you too!’

Since Wooyoung recently shared pre-debut stories about him and Yeonjun, Yeosang was ready to share some of his moments with Taehyun as well. Yeosang also revealed that he didn’t have many celebrity friends—with Taehyun being one of the few.

Hearing about Yeosang and Taehyun’s messages reminded fans of the sweet moment when the two were spotted hugging at KCON, loving that they’re still close friends.

Yeosang and Taehyun hugging. | @saniyunhi/Twitter

Just like Yeonjun is keeping an eye on Wooyoung and supporting him, Taehyun is doing the same for Yeosang. The friendships between ATEEZ and TXT are so precious that MOATINYs’ hearts are always full.

Source: Naver Live