ATINYs Express Their Excitement Over Mingi’s Inclusion In New ATEEZ Fan Kit Pictures

ATEEZ revealed new fan membership kit pictures and Mingi is included!

ATEEZ announced their second official fan membership kit, revealing some pictures. ATINYs are very excited after noticing the inclusion of Mingi.

Since November of 2020, Mingi has been on hiatus in order to take care of his mental health. While we all support him and are incredibly proud of him for prioritizing his health, we all miss him too! So, when Mingi was revealed to be included in the new fan kit, along with the rest of ATINYs, we couldn’t help but be excited!

Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad after all…

Whether Mingi is ready to return to group activities or not, we will forever be here to support him no matter what.

Source: @ATEEZofficial and Image