ATTRAKT’s CEO Speaks On The Future Of FIFTY FIFTY After Legal Win

The group will have to return to the label for now.

ATTRAKT‘s CEO Jeon Hong Joon, once again, stated he hoped his label would be able to reconcile with FIFTY FIFTY.


On the evening of August 28, news broke that FIFTY FIFTY had their request for an injunction thrown out in court. Worse for the group, the members’ motion for a traditional trial was dismissed.

FIFTY FIFTY Loses Legal Battle Against ATTRAKT

This follows the members’ refusal to participate in mediation court, in which a judge serves as an arbitrator.

On this day, the CEO spoke with Munhwa Ilbo and reacted to the ruling.

I feel vindicated. I am so touched by the support given to me by the public. If everything works out, I will support those who have suffered an injustice like me.

— Jeon Hong Joon

Jeon Hong Joon then spoke on his hopes for FIFTY FIFTY’s future, reiterating his wish that the members would return to the label.

Most of all, I want the members to return.

— Jeon Hong Joon

Meanwhile, news reports suggest that it’s expected for the members to appeal the decision to dismiss FIFTY FIFTY’s injunction. You can read how Korean netizens are reacting to the news in the link below.

Korean Netizens React To FIFTY FIFTY’s Dismissal In Court

Source: wikitree