Best-Selling Author Paulo Coelho May Have Just Revealed His BTS Bias

He’s certified ARMY!

Best-selling author Paulo Coelho is one of many successful and acclaimed members of the BTS ARMY!

Paulo Coelho | Xavier Gonzalez

Paulo Coelho is a famous Brazilian author. He is best known for the international bestseller The Alchemist. 

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In 2020, he revealed himself to be ARMY when he showed his support for BTS by sending signed copies of his book Hippie to all of the members.

Now, Paulo Coelho may have revealed his bias in BTS.

The author shared a photo on his Instagram Stories with an inspiring message, “BE A GOOD HUMAN.” 

| @paulocoelho/Instagram

He followed up with a related post. He explained the importance of being a “good human.”

| @paulocoelho/Instagram

ARMYs, of course, immediately recognize the photo Paulo Coelho shared. It was an ARMY edit of an iconic photo of BTS‘s Jimin.


On June 14, 2020, post BANG BANG CON The Live online concert, Jimin was captured wearing a NOMAD brand t-shirt in red-orange. Immediately, the T-Shirt sold out as a result.

So, we suspect that Jimin must be the author’s bias!

Previously, Paulo Coelho showed support for BTS on Twitter. He also revealed later that he had lost followers after doing so.

| @paulocoelho/Twitter

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