Health Authorities Comment On INFINITE Sunggyu’s COVID-19 Case Being The First Janssen Breakthrough Infection In Korea

They believe this could be the first case.

According to the health authorities, they explained that INFINITE’s Sunggyu is estimated to have had a “breakthrough” infection, making it the first known case of Janssen breakthrough infection in Korea. A “breakthrough case” refers to when a person is diagnosed with COVID-19 two weeks after being administered with the full-dose regimen.

In a briefing held on June 28, Park Young Joon, the head of the epidemiological investigation team at the Central Quarantine Headquarters revealed, “If a case is confirmed positive 17 days after being vaccinated with Janssen, it meets the criteria for a breakthrough infection. It can be viewed as an estimated breakthrough infection case.”

Sunggyu was regularly tested for COVID-19 every week in preparation for the musical Gwanghwamun Sonata. He was cast for the musical along with Yoon Do Hyun and Um Ki Joon. He received a positive test on June 25 after being vaccinated with Janssen on June 10.

Park Young Joon added, “The health authorities check for breakthrough infections once a week, but as of June 24, there were no cases of Janssen breakthrough infection. If Kim Sunggyu was confirmed positive after the 24th, his case will be included in the next analysis.”

On June 28, a Gwanghwamun Sonata official stated, “It looks like the press conference scheduled for July 5 will most likely be postponed. Details are currently under discussion and will be announced soon.”

Source: money today and ilgan sports


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