Autopsy report for Shin Hae Chul shows peritonitis and pericarditis as cause of death

On November 3rd, autopsy reports were revealed after accusations of medical malpractice were brought up by family members of Shin Hae Chul.

Shin Hae Chul, also known by fans as the “King Of Darkness”, passed away on October 27th after receiving surgery just five days prior. Heartbreaking photos were released from his funeral, in which many of his friends as well as fans grieved the passing of the rocker.

However, on October 30th, the family members of Shin Hae Chul revealed that they will be pursuing a lawsuit against the hospital for alleged medical malpractice after they explained that Shin Hae Chul received additional surgery without adequate explanation.

The first autopsy report has now been revealed by the NFS (National Forensic Services) of Korea. At the briefing, it was revealed that they “found a perforation 0.3cm inches width underneath his pericardium”, and added “It appears a percolate discharge through this perforation may have caused peritonitis and pericarditis which together may have resulted in his death.”

Choi Young Shik, the head of chief of the Seoul Forensics Services, also revealed, “After reviewing the material from the first autopsy report, the perforation that was discovered – which seems to be the cause of death – may have been the caused by the enteroplasty surgery.” He also stated that “there will be further research into many things such as hospital records for a more conclusive statement.”

Also revealed was that “in the pericardium, a substance similar to a sesame seed was discovered… The spot was discovered near the area of surgery, and thus, the possibility of malpractice must be considered.”

Chief Choi also stated, “Since the procedure took place in Seoul Asan Hospital and the procedure involved removal of a part of the small intestine, we have to wait for cell slides and small intestine extracts in order to look into this matter further.”

It was also revealed  Seoul Asan Hospital reported that the cause of Shin Hae Chul’s death was due to lack of oxygen to the brain (hypoxia brain damage), which is different from what the revelations of the autopsy.

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Source: SportsDonga