B1A4 To Make A Long-Awaited Comeback In October After 3 Years Of Hiatus

Here’s what the boys been up to since then.

BANAs have been waiting for this forever, but B1A4 will finally be back after 3 long years. On 29 September 2020, their company, WM Entertainment, finally made the announcement that the group would be coming back in October.

B1A4 will be releasing a full length album with the release date currently set for 19 October. As this is the first release the boys have had as a group in 3 years, the members are working hard to perfect it.

| WM Entertainment

B1A4’s last release, was in September 2017, with the album Rollin. Sadly, since after, as the members’ contracts expired, only Gongchan, Sandeul and CNU remain in the group. Jinyoung and Baro have since left to focus on acting and producing.

As we await the comeback, let’s take a look at what the members have been up to these three years.

1. Sandeul

| WM Entertainment

Sandeul, who gained immense recognition for his solo song, “Crush”, has been active as a solo singer. He was since hosted radio show Starry Night and starred in the musical, Iron Mask. Sandeul has also released many solo songs including “Smile Box”, “House of Thoughts” and “Lazy Me” in 2020. Take a listen to “Smile Box” below.

2. Gongchan

| WM Entertainment

Gongchan has been active as an actor, and recently starred in three web dramas, Lonely Enough To Love, Travel Through Romance and To My Name. He has also been MC-ing variety shows such as Beauty Room.

3. CNU

| WM Entertainment

CNU has been active with songwriting and producing over the years, producing for songs including Baro and Sandeul’s solos. However, he enlisted in the military in January 2019, and was released late July 2020.

Source: Star Today