BABYMONSTER Member Lee Dain Is Gaining Attention For Her Unexpected Pre-Debut Connection To NewJeans’s Hyein

Their pre-debut photos and videos showcase how close they were!

On December 30, 2022, YG Entertainment had fans excited after they revealed the first glimpse of their upcoming girl group BABYMONSTER.

The teaser for YG Entertainment’s group that was released | YG Entertainment

After TREASURE, they will be the first group to debut and the first girl group from the company since BLACKPINK.

Anticipation was further increased after YG released footage of the members of BABYMONSTER, along with some of the YG artists talking about the group and what netizens can expect.

| YG Entertainment/YouTube
| YG Entertainment/YouTube    

One of the members that gained attention is Lee Dain.

BABYMONSTER member Lee Dain | YG Entertainment/YouTube

The young trainee has already had a taste of the idol life after she was part of the kid’s group U.SSO Girl.

| @378eie/Twitter
| @378eie/Twitter
| @378eie/Twitter

It also means there are videos of the young star showcasing her talent.

| @leedainpics/Twitter

Yet, aside from gaining attention for her visuals and talent before debuting, netizens have discovered that Dain has an unexpected connection to a member of NewJeans.

Like BABYMONSTER is expected to do in 2023, NewJeans took the world by storm after their surprise debut in 2022. With their fresh concept and unreal talent on stage, they were a group that truly made an impact.

Members of ADOR’s group NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Considering that Dain made her start in U.SSO Girl, it isn’t surprising that the member with a connection to the idol is NewJeans’ maknae Hyein.

NewJeans’ Hyein | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

After news of Dain’s debut with BABYMONSTER, netizens quickly found images of the two young idols together.

| @upbabymonster/Twitter
| @upbabymonster/Twitter

For fans who have followed U.SSO Girl, many would’ve found it impossible to imagine two of the members debuting in groups under the biggest K-Pop labels.

| @picbaemon/Twitter

There are also clips of the two young idols interacting and releasing content as part of their group.

With BABYMONSTER set to debut soon, netizens are hoping that it won’t be long before Dain and Hyein get to interact on music shows. There is no doubt that both groups will also soar to new heights in 2023.

You can read more about the members of BABYMONSTER below.

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