Bae Jinyoung Has A Moment After He Accidentally Called His Fans “Wannable” On Live Broadcast

You won’t believe what he did next.

Bae Jinyoung recently held a live broadcast by himself where he revealed the goodies fans will receive if they sign up for his official fancafé.


Near the end of the broadcast, he was answering a question about what he’s going to eat for dinner that day when he accidentally called his fans “Wannables”!


Wannables was the official fandom name of Wanna One, a project group Bae Jinyoung belonged to for the past 2 years before they disbanded earlier this year.


Jinyoung currently doesn’t have an official fandom name as he’s gearing up for his solo debut and the debut of his boy group, C9BOYZ.


After realizing what he said, Bae Jinyoung abruptly stopped, laughed and gave his fans a kiss.


Even though Jinyoung may have stopped mid-way, fans were more than happy to hear him still call his fans “Wannable”!


Although he may be moving on after Wanna One’s disbandment, the word “Wannables” will always loom bright in his heart!


Bae Jinyoung will be making his solo debut this month, soon followed by his boy group debut with C9BOYZ. He’s also scheduled a solo fan meeting in Seoul for the 27th and 28th, titled “IM YOUNG”!


Watch Bae Jinyoung’s adorable “mistake” starting at 38:35:

Source: Dispatch

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