Baek Yerin Reveals Which Lyrics She’s Written That She’s The Most Proud Of From Her “tellusaboutyourself” Album

She shared which lyrics she holds close to her heart!

Baek Yerin revealed which lyrics she absolutely loves from her latest album, tellusaboutyourself!

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In a recent interview with Elle, Baek Yerin talked about tons of things, including starting up her own label, Blue Vinyl!

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She was then also asked about her favorite lyrics from her latest English-language album, tellusaboutyourself!

Is there any particular lyric you wrote that you’re most proud of? Why does it resonate with you so much?

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Baek Yerin then shared that she loved a particular line from the song “Hate you”, and explained why she’s so proud of it!

I like the bridge in “Hate you,” which goes like “getting into someone’s life is so easy, but also hurting is so easy.” Making this album, I wanted to write about the fact that while it’s easy for one to enter another person’s life, at the same time it’s also that easy to hurt them.

Not sure if I’m in the place to say this, but I wish there were less people who hurt others in this world.

—Baek Yerin

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Listen to “Hate you” here!

Source: Elle
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