Balming Tiger’s Omega Sapien Wishes BTS Jin’s Safety In The Military But With A Hilarious Twist

The man is lurking.

Omega Sapien from Balming Tiger sent his wishes to Jin for his safe military enlistment on his Instagram but in his signature way.

Omega Sapien | Notion

Since Jin is preparing to enlist in the military, he shaved his head and posted a photo on WeVerse recently. While it was a bitter reminder for fans that he will be gone for 18 months, as usual, ARMYs decided to cope with the pain through humor.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It looks cuter than I expected.

—JIn’s caption

And thus opened the floodgate of hilarious Tweets and edits. The denial came in layers. While some hose to erase all traces of a shaved head from the picture—

others decided to delude themselves into believing this was a “new hairstyle” for a comeback—

One of the edits from the second lot particularly stuck out because many noticed Jin’s hairstyle was looking too much like Omega Sapien’s, who collaborated with RM on the track “Sexy Nukim.”

| @omegasapien/Instagram

Somehow, that edit found its way out of the trenches of ARMY Twitter and landed directly on the feed of Omega Sapien’s Instagram. The artist also followed it up with a heartfelt message wishing for Jin’s safety.

Now, the artist is well-known for his cheeky sense of humor, and posting an edit of Jin looking like him is very on-brand for him. But the post sent ARMYs into a panic that the man was lurking in the depths of the fandom circles.

But to look at the silver lining, thanks to his post, Jin might get to see the hilarious way his fans are dealing with this difficult situation and be assured that he has raised them right.


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