BamBam Calls Out Agencies That Withhold Group Name Rights, Praises JYP For Co-operating With GOT7

He assured fans that the group is still very much planning to stay together.

In a recent interview, GOT7 member BamBam showed his genuine appreciation for his former label JYP Entertainment (referred to as JYP from hereon), for helping the group keep the rights to its name after all the members decided not to renew their contracts.

Around January 2021, all members of GOT7 announced their departure from JYP after the completion of their 7-year contract. However, the group didn’t disband and instead announced that they will continue to promote as GOT7 while doing their individual activities parallelly. They had successfully kept the rights to use their original name despite leaving the agency, a first-of-its-kind incident in K-Pop.

JYP Entertainment Confirms All GOT7 Members Will Leave The Company

In his recent interview with 1theK Originals, BamBam praised JYP for cooperating with his members to help transfer the ownership of the rights to GOT7’s name. In the video, he looked himself up on the internet and reacted to the information and fan comments about him across popular websites.

When BamBam checked out the comments under one of their old songs on Melon, he came across some nostalgic comments made in 2021 that were anticipating the group’s end. Though it has already been two years since those comments, BamBam still took his time to reassure fans that GOT7 is very much still together and will be making music as a group in the future too.

Then, while talking about their first album as GOT7 but outside JYP, the singer mentioned that his ex-label “did a great job in cooperating” with their efforts to buy the rights to the name. He also called out the K-Pop agencies who deny to let groups use their original names after not renewing contracts.

A lot of agencies are just thugs, and most won’t give you the name even when they gain nothing from holding on to it, which is something I’ll never understand.


BamBam noted that these labels have no use in holding onto a disbanded group’s name but still do it just because they are salty about artists that decide to leave. He labeled such companies as “thugs” and said JYP stands out completely from that crowd.

He also shared his affection for Park Jinyoung, the CEO of JYP, saying that he is a “great person” and he still respects and loves him.


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