A Bank Account Number Was Shown On “Squid Game” — And People Have Been Wiring Money To It

Here’s what happened to it.

Previously, Netflix‘s Squid Game made headlines for showing a full bank account number during the final episode of the series. The production team received criticism for allegedly “leaking a netizen’s bank account information,” but they responded that they had received permission prior to the premiere to use this specific bank account number.

Poster for “Squid Game” | Netflix

While there was clarification provided regarding the situation, it seems that the drama surrounding the Squid Game bank account is not over — at least not yet. In a recent online interview, the director of the series Hwang Dong Hyuk shared some details regarding the bank account number that was featured for a few seconds in the series.

Director Hwang Dong Hyuk at a “Squid Game” press conference.

Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed that the bank account number in question actually belonged to “one of the producers on the series. We reached an agreement, which is why we used that specific number.”

Still from the final episode of “Squid Game” featuring the bank account number | Netflix

However, not too long following the release of Squid Game, it was revealed that the bank account started to receive deposits from viewers of the show. The amount? Hwang Dong Hyuk shared during the interview that, “the producer has been receiving deposits of ₩456 KRW (about $0.38 USD).” 

Still from final episode of “Squid Game” | Netflix

Yup, you read that correctly. Viewers of the Netflix series have been depositing a whopping $0.38 cents to the Squid Game bank account number — and no one knows why.

Maybe it’s out of solidarity or it could be a way of declaring their fanship for the show, but the director took no chances this time. He shared during the online interview that for safety purposes, the production team decided to “close the bank account” once and for all.

Source: Insight

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