BBC Radio 1’s Adele Roberts Joked About Pitching A “Namjooning” Documentary About BTS’s RM, And ARMYs Hope It Happens

Someone please make this a thing!

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to watch a documentary about BTS‘s RM Namjooning?

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BTS recently performed in BBC Radio 1‘s famous Live Lounge, and they’ll appear in a 30-minute special called BTS @ Radio 1 on BBC One tonight. The program will be hosted by DJ Adele Roberts, and it looks like she wants more BTS content to come to the BBC!

DJ Adele Roberts | @adeleroberts/Instagram

Shortly after BTS’s Live Lounge performance, the National Gallery tweeted that J.M.W. Turner, an English Romantic painter, is one of RM’s favorite artists. The National Gallery is an art museum in London, and it houses some of J.M.W. Turner’s paintings.

Adele Roberts quoted the National Gallery’s tweet and revealed that she visited the museum with her fiancée to stand in RM’s footsteps.

After an ARMY told her that the fandom refers to visiting art museums, spending time in nature, reading, and enjoying RM-inspired hobbies as “Namjooning,” Adele Roberts joked about pitching a new documentary to the BBC called Namjooning with Namjoon.

ARMYs instantly tweeted their approval of her idea and said they would definitely tune in to watch the documentary!

Although Namjooning with Namjoon, unfortunately, doesn’t exist, RM shares plenty of photos of himself enjoying art museums and nature walks to give fans a glimpse into his Namjooning!

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