Bebe Rexha Reveals She Has Written a Demo for BTS

Her goal is to write a song for BTS!

During an Instagram Live, Bebe Rexha revealed that she has been working on a demo for BTS.

Talking to her fans, the American singer explained that it wasn’t finished and needed a lot of cleaning up.

Rexha seemed excited about the project and described it as “dope.”

It’s actually really bomb.

– Bebe Rexha

BTS has not heard the demo yet and it is not exclusively for them. She pointed out that it was more of an idea written with the band in mind rather than a full song.

Although she has not released any of her own music since last October, she explained that she is writing for other artists and her goal is to “get a song for BTS.”

Rexha has not been shy showing that she is a BTS fan after she fangirled taking a photo with at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards.


She is also no stranger to the world of K-Pop. When she was only 18 years old, she helped write SHINee‘s classic hit “Lucifer.” More recently, she has made headlines after she tweeted TXT‘s Soobin who is a huge fan of her music.

It will be exciting to hopefully hear the finished version from BTS in the future!


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