K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Is Gaining Attention For His Unfiltered Reaction To BFF Jay’s Shocking “Boys Planet” Elimination

Beomhan was nothing but hilariously ng relatable!

Mnet‘s latest reality show Boys Planet had its finale in April and showcased some of the best rising stars. One of those that gained the attention of fans worldwide was Jay Chang.

The profile shots for Jay Chang on “Boys Planet” | Mnet

During the show, Jay captured the hearts of netizens with his unreal talent and charm. It meant that everyone was shocked when he narrowly missed out on a chance to debut with ZEROBASEONE (ZB1) by coming in 10th place.

Jay’s audition with FNC trainee Na Kamden | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube
Jay’s “Love Me Right” fancam | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

After the show ended, Jay kept fans updated and even shocked them with a surprise medley video on YouTube.

Jay’s latest medley of covers on his YouTube | Jay Chang/YouTube
| Jay Chang/YouTube

Yet, for most people, Jay was already someone they knew. He first attracted attention as a soloist touring the United States alongside Beomhan, a pre-debut trainee.

The duo would tour across America and have some of the most iconic interactions with fans that would 9/10 times go viral.

Jay (left) and Beomhan (right) | @fmtour1/Twitter

While he never explicitly spoke about the show, joking about how he wasn’t allowed, Beomhan always shared his support for Jay in any way possible, even if it meant him getting banned for using a VPN.


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Of course, considering he’s one of Jay’s biggest fans, he has recently gained attention after his hilarious reaction to the results of Boys Planet.

On May 8 (local time), Beomhan once again went live and chatted with fans while he was walking in the park. Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of iconic moments from the broadcast that fans shared.


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♬ Cupid – Twin Ver. (FIFTY FIFTY) – Sped Up Version – sped up 8282


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♬ Cupid (Twin Ver.) – FIFTY FIFTY

During the broadcast, Beomhan made netizens LOL when he started talking about Jay, explaining, “My best friend Jay, he was on this program for Mnet called “Boys Planet,” my best friend.”

| @soobinqa/TikTok

Jay then started talking about a moment many fans remembered when Jay had stolen his phone.

There was this one, he was going live in New York City and his phone got robbed.

— Beomhan

| @soobinqa/TikTok

While it took a dark turn, netizens couldn’t hide their reactions when Beomhan suddenly made the funniest comment linking the two incidents.

I’m just saying “Boys Planet” wasn’t the only time he was robbed. He’s had experience before.

— Beomhan

| @soobinqa/TikTok

When the clip was posted on TikTok, netizens shared their reactions to the hilarious comment. Some loved how vocal he was about the show, while others said he’s the most supportive friend and voiced exactly what netizens were thinking.

While fans found it funny, others remembered what Beomhan was talking about, referring to the time Jay was mugged while doing an Instagram live. As he walked and talked to the fans watching his live stream, the mugger snatched his phone, saying, “Hey, give me that.”

| @jaychang63/Instagram
| @jaychang63/Instagram   

It was horrendous, but fans loved how Beomhan took the incident and showcased how he felt about Jay’s placing in Boys Planet. It was a feeling that many fans had when the show ended, with a lot of netizens hoping he would make the final.

Below, you can read more about Beomhan’s iconic reaction to Jay’s Boys Planet appearance.

“Was He Robbed?” – Trainee Beomhan Gives His Thoughts On Jay Chang’s “Boys Planet” Elimination In A Creative Way

Source: @soobinqa/TikTok

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