“Was He Robbed?” – Trainee Beomhan Gives His Thoughts On Jay Chang’s “Boys Planet” Elimination In A Creative Way

“… a topic I feel very passionately about.”

Boys Planet recently wrapped up its series finale, announcing the winning trainees as members of the soon-to-debut group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1). While the results overjoyed many fans, many were heartbroken to see some of their favorites not debut.

Fans of Jay Chang were incredibly saddened to learn he missed making the group by only one spot, coming in tenth place overall.

Jay Chang first attracted attention as a soloist touring the United States alongside Beomhan, a pre-debut trainee. The pair often went viral for their comedic interactions with fans at their events over the last two years.

Jay Chang and Beomhan | FM Entertainment

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After Jay was announced to compete on Boys Planet, putting a pause on his activities with Beomhan, the latter did his best to show to support for his friend, telling viewers of his live streams to vote for Jay.


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While Jay has not announced his plans following the Boys Planet finale, fans are hopeful about his future and anticipate great things.

Beomhan recently gave his thoughts about the finale and Jay’s results during one of his solo pop-ups in a very creative way! Beomhan’s latest pop-up was in Phoenix, Arizona, where fans met the star and took photos with him.

| FM Entertainment

During these events, Beomhan works jobs around the locations, usually in drink shops, including the front register. A fan on TikTok with the username @rosanna.avalos shared her interaction with Beomhan as he was working the front register.

As he takes her order, she asks if he believes “Jay was robbed.” He immediately reacts, staring at her for a long moment, before hiding behind one of his staff members.

Beomhan tells the staff member that @rosanna.avalos asked him about a topic he feels “very passionately about.” After a bit of banter, Beomhan says that he has no further comment before returning to take her order.

When he asks for her name for the order, it seems like the question has been forgotten. However, when she goes to pay,  she sees that Beomhan has answered her question by filling in “YES HE WAS” instead of her real name!

The interaction ends there, but fans couldn’t help but laugh at his creativity.

| @rosanna.avalos/TikTok

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