Former FM Entertainment Trainee Beomhan Opens Personal Twitter — And His Likes Are Wild

His fans are nothing but supportive.

K-Pop trainee Beomhan has been drawing a lot of attention recently due to his sudden and harsh termination from his former label, FM Entertainment.

Despite not debuting as a K-Pop idol yet, Beomhan has gathered a large fandom thanks to his likeable personality that he showcases on TikTok and through livestreams. He’s also close friends with Boys Planet contestant Jay Chang, and his fans have waited for his debut for years now, growing increasingly frustrated as time passed.

Beomhan | FM Entertainment

After being terminated from FM Entertainment on September 6, Beomhan shared an update with his fans on Instagram, asking for their continued support and sharing his love for them.


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And now, he’s officially opened his own personal Twitter account to use as another method of communicating with his fans and keeping everyone updated on his life.

| @beomhanfm/Instagram

He has only made one post himself so far, and it was just of the skull emoji. We have little doubt that it’s an expression of how he’s been feeling about everything that has been going on in his life lately.

But the replies to the tweet were nothing but supportive and positive, with Beomhan’s fans sending him plenty of love and encouraging words!

And while part of his termination agreement with FM Entertainment prevents Beomhan from making any “company-related statements” after leaving the label, it isn’t stopping him from making his feelings known thanks to the tweets that he’s been liking.

His fans are loving his “DGAF” attitude with his public likes, letting the shade that netizens are sending towards FM Entertainment speak for him.

He’s definitely lurking on his fans’ Twitter accounts, because some of his likes are just entertaining!

We hope that Beomhan is doing alright despite all of the difficulties he’s going through right now, and we wish him all the best for his future!