“Street Man Fighter” Winning Dancer Chooses The 3 Best K-Pop Idol Dancers Who Took His Class

He was impressed by their skills.

For the finale of Street Man Fighter, the dance crew Just Jerk took home the win. Young J is the leader of that crew and recently revealed which of the K-Pop idols who took his classes were the best dancers.

Youngj | @justjerk_youngj/Instagram

The first idol Young J remembered being impressed by was an iconic member of SHINee known for his dance skills. He named the talented artist Taemin, who’s been an inspiration to other idols.

The next idol Young J was impressed by for being a “really good” dancer too was Stray KidsLee Know.

Young J ended the top three best dancers with veteran idol Super Junior‘s Donghae, showing how friendly he was with Donghae by calling him hyung (older brother).

For these three idols to catch the eye of Young J during his dance classes, they’re truly talented dancers.

SHINee’s Taemin, Stray Kids’ Lee Know, and Super Junior’s Donghae. | @lm_____ltm/Instagram & @realstraykids/Instagram & @leedonghae/Instagram
Source: Twitter
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