B.I Makes A Surprise Appearance During Lee Hi’s Live Performance, Causing A Split Response

It’s between international vs. Korean fans.

Solo artist Lee Hi has made her highly anticipated comeback with her studio album 4 ONLY, exciting all of her fans. The talented vocalist recently shared a special live performance video featuring 5 of her album’s songs, which was a treat all on its own. However, it was a special guest that Lee Hi featured in the video that has been met with mixed responses from her Korean and international fans.

Dressed in a funky purple dress and cool braids, the sultry singer sang her soulful songs surrounded by a live band. Lee Hi showed off her incredible vocals, which she has become widely known for within the Korean entertainment industry.

Lee Hi | @AOMGOfficial/YouTube

During her third live performance, however, an appearance by B.I shocked viewers, as they couldn’t believe he was being featured in her video.

Lee Hi with B.I (right) | @AOMGOfficial/YouTube

The track titled “Savior” was not only composed by the former iKON member, but he also features in the song. B.I stunned viewers who were tuned into to Lee Hi’s Live Performance Day 1 video by participating in a live rendition of “Savior.”

| @AOMGOfficial/YouTube

International Lee Hi and B.I fans were ecstatic to see the former idol member performing again, as they relayed their support in the comment section of the video.

| @AOMGOfficial/YouTube
| @AOMGOfficial/YouTube
| @AOMGOfficial/YouTube
| @AOMGOfficial/YouTube

However, Korean fans were not as thrilled upon seeing B.I, who was recently sentenced to 4 years of probation for his admittance to drug use. Different from the international fans, Korean fans began to express their disappointment with B.I’s appearance in the video.

| theqoo
  • “Wow…this is a massive disappointment ㅠㅠ”
  • “Hi-ya…I’m so disappointed.”
  • “I don’t understand why she’s doing this…”
  • “It makes me wonder why she’s like that. She probably knew that the response would be bad so that means she doesn’t care. I don’t think I’ll be listening to Lee Hi’s music anymore.”
  • “Why is it that I feel like Lee Hi is doing this so that B.I doesn’t make any extreme choices. It seems like she’s helping him…I feel like the both of them are depressed.”
  • “She’s hanging out with a druggie.”
  • “AOMG, what are you doing?”
  • “Why is she like this…”
| @AOMGOfficial/YouTube

Unsurprisingly enough, this isn’t the first time the solo artist proved her loyalty to her friend. Lee Hi previously also made headlines after thanking B.I during a showcase for her album, while calling him “someone with much loyalty.”

You can watch Lee Hi’s incredible 4 ONLY Live Performance Day 1 video in its entirety, down below.

Source: theqoo