B.I Rushes To Stop Security When They Tried To Kick A Fan Out Of His Concert

Best boy ever!

Singer B.I is currently on his Asia tour for LOL: THE HIDDEN STAGE.

During the Jakarta leg of his tour, he had been singing his heart out when a commotion arose. B.I noticed that security had been trying to drag a fan out of the concert area. He stopped the music immediately to ask what was wrong. Other fans began to shout the word “camera” to explain to B.I that the fan had been caught trying to film the performance.

Thankfully, the fan was allowed back in after B.I personally announced that no one was allowed to leave the hall until the show was over.

Of course, filming is banned at most concerts. Most venues have the right to evict anyone who goes against their rules. In most cases, a warning is issued the first few times. Although he was not required to stand up for the fan, B.I’s protective nature over his fans made everyone swoon.

In fact, this was a promise between B.I and his fans. In late 2022, before his previous tour, he had promised to cover the fans who were caught for filming.

| @shxxbin131/Twitter

As for things that are banned, the only thing is getting hurt. [You can] Take photos. Just don’t only take photos. As for the camera, it’s up to you to hide it well and bring it in. If someone catches you, try screaming. Or wave the lightstick really hard. You have to really wave it hard. Only then can I see it. But don’t wave it at the person [who catches you].

— B.I

The sweetest singer ever!