BIBI Handles Wardrobe Malfunction At The Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival Like The Boss She Is

She really almost became nakedbibi!

As always, solo artist BIBI (short for nakedbibi) is proving to be a superstar performer!

BIBI performing at 2022 WATERBOMB Festival. | @okyFbEdktko/Twitter

Over the weekend, Seoul’s annual WATERBOMB Festival returned for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic with an amazing star-studded lineup, including BIBI.

The fun summer festival lives up to its name as water cannons are used to douse the artists and the audience in water. Along with performing, the artists get into an epic water battle, often resulting in sexy performances, especially as performers opt to wear swimwear on stage.

2022 WATERBOMB Festival | @waterbomb_official/Instagram

And with an 18+ crowd, anything can happen that may not under usual circumstances. For example, K-Pop girl group (G)I-DLE performed an explicit version of their hit song “TOMBOY!”

As for BIBI, her performance became slightly explicit but for different reasons. Originally, BIBI performed in a white T-shirt and denim shorts. Even in a casual look, she looked stunning!

| @okyFbEdktko/Twitter

Yet, in mid-performance of “Cigarette and Condom,” she stripped down to something sexier. BIBI removed her T-shirt, revealing a gold bikini top.

After taking off her shirt, BIBI realized that the top strap of her bikini had come undone. She almost lived up to her original name, “nakedbibi!”

So, BIBI quickly held onto the top before she accidentally flashed the audience. And, she was making her way off stage to fix it…

…when she noticed one of her backup dancers to the side! She ran over to him, and soon enough, she had staff to her rescue too.

After getting the top properly secured, BIBI continued the performance like nothing had ever happened. She’s a true professional.

In fact, she came back from it better than ever!

BIBI has a reputation for her sexy performances and fan service, especially at festivals. Previously, she went viral for kissing a fan at Head In The Clouds 2021 (HITC) and giving a fan a lap dance at Korea University‘s 2022 KUrescendo Festival

BIBI Goes Viral For Giving Fan A Lap Dance During Performance

Watch BIBI’s full performance of “Cigarette and Condom” at The Seoul 2022 WATERBOMB Festival below:

Source: BIBI__ONLY

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