BIBI Gives Woman A Sexy Lap Dance During Her Performance

BIBI is making all the girls fall for her!

Solo music artist BIBI‘s fan service is unlike any other!

BIBI | byuntoro/Tumblr

BIBI recently performed at Anyang University‘s WE ARE ONE Festival.

And she gave one lucky fan a lap dance…

A lap dance (or contact dance) is a type of erotic dance performance offered in some strip clubs in which the dancer typically has body contact with a seated patron.

— Wikipedia

BIBI brought a woman in attendance at WE ARE ONE Festival up on stage for her performance of “Best Lover.” She had the fan sit in a chair as she sang and danced.

Even just at the start of the performance, the woman couldn’t help but fangirl. Understandably so because BIBI soon put her arm around her.

Yet, that was only the beginning…

BIBI even grabbed the woman’s hand to gently stroke her body.

This set the tone for a very spicy performance. BIBI 100% delivered a true lap dance.

BIBI even kissed the woman… on her hand.

The singer continued to deliver a sensual performance. BIBI trailed her hand up the fan’s thigh.

The performance had a rather sweet ending, though. The two women reached out to each other affectionately before BIBI came around and hugged the fan from behind.

It’s no surprise that the fancam has gone viral on TikTok. At the time of writing, the video below has 286.7, and 79.1K likes at the time of writing.

BIBI ‘Best Lover’ 😵 #비비 #bibi #88rising #fancam #fyp

♬ Best Lover – 88rising & BIBI

Another repost has 747.2K views and 180.9K likes! And these are just after a day since they were first posted.


yo siempre de espectadora😭 #BIBI #bibibullets #bestlover #fyp #fangirl

♬ Best Lover – 88rising & BIBI

Netizens are high-key jealous of the lucky fan! Many are wondering when it will be their turn…


she’s so lucky wtff #bibi #gyufrl

♬ Best Lover – 88rising & BIBI

| @snbihn/TikTok

BIBI is totally progressive when it comes to fan service. Last year, she went viral for kissing a woman in the audience at 88rising‘s Head In The Clouds 2021 (HITC).


It’s her @moldykimchi #bibi #hitc #headintheclouds #88rising

♬ original sound – William Choi


@nakedbibi You made my year. I love you so much. ❤️#bibi #88rising #HITC #headintheclouds #kiss #on #the #lips

♬ original sound – Emily

She also previously went viral for giving another fan a lap dance at a different university festival.

BiBi ‘Best Lover’ 🎤💋 #비비 #BiBi #88rising #fancam #fyp

♬ Best Lover – 88rising & BIBI

Read more below.

BIBI Goes Viral For Giving Fan A Lap Dance During Performance

Watch the full performance of “Best Lover” below.

Source: BIBI__ONLY

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