BTS K-Drama Reportedly In Pre-Production, New Details Revealed

ChorokBaem Media has chosen a screenwriter for the show.

Pre-production for BTS‘s K-Drama is under way!


In August, Big Hit Entertainment announced their plans to launch a BTS-inspired K-Drama in 2020. The drama will tell the story of seven boys who meet each other in the BTS Universe. Since the show will be based on BTS’s younger selves, BTS will not act in it. Instead, actors will be cast. “Younger” is open to interpretation, but many fans predict that the story will take place during the fictional BTS’s teen years or early 20s.


According to Korean news sources, ChorokBaem Media, the studio that is producing BTS’s K-Drama, has chosen Kim Soojin (co-writer with Yang Hee Seung for Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo) as screenwriter.


Once ChorokBaem Media has cast the show’s director, they will reportedly begin negotiations for international distribution with content providers such as Netflix. At this time, it is unknown if the BTS K-Drama will appear on Netflix, but ChorokBaem Media has supplied content to Netflix in the past, such as Memories of the Alhambra


Casting has not yet begun, but it is expected to be underway soon. Until then, check out this list of youngers who could potentially play BTS’s younger selves.

10+ Young Actors Who Could Be Cast In BTS’s K-Drama

Source: Asiae