The Construction Site For Big Hit Entertainment’s New Office Confirms 62 Positive Cases Of COVID-19

This will be BTS and TXT’s new office.

The construction site for Big Hit Entertainment‘s new office has confirmed an alarming number of positive COVID-19 cases.

The Yongsan Trade Center is where the construction site is located and where Big Hit Entertainment’s new office will be. BTSTXT and other subsidiary artists will be going here in the future, once the construction is complete.

It was at this construction site that an alarming 62 positive cases of COVID-19 were confirmed. The Central Defense Headquarters confirmed the news. It has been revealed that the first positive case was back on December 12. There were a total of 56 workers on the construction site, as well as 4 family members and 1 unknown acquaintance. After these numbers were confirmed, the construction was halted.

| Korea Herald

Big Hit Entertainment provided an explanation for their decision in moving forward with the construction in the midst of the pandemic.

The construction site was operated in strict compliance with the government’s quarantine rules. The site operation manual was provided to the contractor and the site’s quarantine rules were always checked.

— Big Hit Entertainment

| Naver

They continued with their explanation to ensure the citizens of South Korea that they are being thorough in their investigation.

The source of the infection is currently being investigated by authorities. All personnel who entered the building from December 7-13 have been identified. We are going through and inspecting all the identified individuals. We plan on cooperating and faithfully following further investigations and measures placed by authorities.

— Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Chosun
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