Big Hit Entertainment Announces The Change Of TXT’s Fan Club Name & Is Accepting Submissions

They didn’t know about the other one.

On May 6, Big Hit Entertainment posted to TXT‘s official fan cafe with very important notices regarding their fan club name.


They hadn’t done a thorough crosscheck for similarly-named fan clubs and had chosen “Young One” that had already been claimed by Tiffany Young.

Big Hit Entertainment announced their oversight in the matter and apologized for it. Once again TXT’s fans will be “nameless” until a new fan club name is chosen from those that fans have submitted. This time though, they’ll thoroughly crosscheck with other fan clubs.

And, details regarding the submissions were also posted. Whoever submits the winning fan club name will receive an exclusive Polaroid photo of the group.

There was certainly a very huge miscalculation on Big Hit Entertainment’s part and fans had demanded an answer regarding the similar fan club names. So, they apologized for their mistake and produced a solution.

On the positive side, TXT will have a fresh, new start for their fan club and will have a new name even more meaningful than the last.