BTS’s Official Website Error Sparks Buzz For Their 2020 Comeback

Everyone’s wondering what Big Hit is up to behind the scenes.

A glitch on BTS‘s official website has ARMYs wondering what Big Hit Entertainment is up to right now, behind the scenes.


On December 16, fans encountered the following error on BTS’s website.


The reason for the error has not been revealed, but many believe that Big Hit Entertainment’s maintenance fairies were prepping the site for BTS’s comeback.


BTS’s site was the only one under’s umbrella to show this error. TXT‘s site and Lee Hyun‘s site were unaffected.


Earlier this year, Big Hit Entertainment used its website to tease TXT’s debut by dropping a member reveal countdown and hints about their concept. Could something similar be planned for BTS?


As of now, BTS’s site is up and running again. Nothing appears to have changed, but ARMY may want to keep an eye on it, just in case!