Rapper Big Naughty Goes Viral For Seeking TREASURE Out At The “37th Golden Disc Awards” — To Party With

“Big Naughty saw where he can party so he switched places…”

The members of TREASURE attended the 37th Golden Disc Awards on January 7, where they shared many interactions with other idols. Of these, a particularly iconic one is proving to be with rapper Big Naughty.

TREASURE at the “37th Golden Disc Awards”
Big Naughty | @bignaughtyboi/Instagram

TREASURE were perfect gentlemen throughout the event. They gained praise for their polite behavior towards SEVENTEEN, with whom they shared many memorable moments.

Fans were also proud to see their enthusiastic support for NCT‘s win, even though NCT weren’t able to attend the event.

But while TREASURE were on their best behavior, they still had plenty of fun. In fact, they had so much fun that Big Naughty ended up “seeking them out.”

During Jay Park‘s performance, TREASURE could be seen clearly having a great time vibing to the song. It was at this point that Big Naughty joined them in their row—leading fans to joke that he clearly knew where the party was at.

The TREASURE members then proceeded to have the best time dancing with Big Naughty…

…to the point where it seemed as if they had adopted him into their group.

Big Naughty even included them in his Instagram post later on, seemingly “confirming” that they really are “besties.”

TREASURE clearly had a great night at the 37th Golden Disc Awards, proving that they’re not only the most respectful group but also the most fun one!


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