TREASURE’s Actions When NCT Won An Award At The “37th Golden Disc Awards” Showcase Their True Personalities

NCT were not able to attend the ceremony due to conflicting schedules.

The 37th Golden Disc Awards took place on January 7th and created some pretty iconic moments between the groups that attended the show!

From SEVENTEEN‘s Dino becoming Stray Kidsninth member (and feeling up Changbin‘s arm)… LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura having a mom moment with Eunchae and NewJeansHanni, fans loved seeing their faves interact with each other in ways they normally don’t.

Fans of TREASURE were able to see the boy group interact with SEVENTEEN for the first time and truly lived for all the “crumbs” they were given.


There is one interaction between TREASURE and a group that did not attend the awards show that has fans of both groups praising their actions!

Some of the groups that won awards could not attend due to conflicting schedules. This happened with NCT, who are currently in the middle of multiple schedules.  

NCT recorded a short video message that played after the winner’s announcement both on the live stream and in the venue at the awards show. A fan inside the venue recorded TREASURE giving them a standing round of applause alongside the other attendees.  (Volume warning for video.)

NCTzens took to Twitter to show their appreciation for the group as TREASURE MAKER’s praised their actions.

 A previous version incorrectly said this occurred during NCT 127’s acceptance speech. It occurred during NCT’s Best Album speech for Universe. 

True Personalities

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