BIGBANG Fans Debate Whether The Group Will Succeed Or Fail After Members Return From The Military

Here’s what VIPs think.

BIGBANG has long been a staple of the K-Pop industry as their 13-year legacy brought them global fame as the “Kings of K-Pop”.


But with the combination of Seungri’s recent scandal, T.O.P’s marijuana scandal in 2017, and other scandals throughout their career, fans and netizens began debating if the group will succeed or fail if they decide to make a comeback once the members return from military service.


Majority of the netizens seem to believe this will be the end of BIGBANG. They advocate for the public to stop consuming BIGBANG’s products even if they decide to make a comeback.


Another group believe that BIGBANG will do well no matter what. Despite the big controversies, they claim the members’ talents will persevere.


Another popular opinion is that BIGBANG will not make a comeback but certain members will promote as a soloist or unit instead.


T.O.P is scheduled to be discharged from the military in June, while G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung will be released later on in the year around October and November.


Seungri has officially left the group and YG Entertainment, and he will enlist in the military sometime this year. He was originally scheduled to enlist this month but has pushed back his enlistment date to fulfil his duties with the recent investigations.


BIGBANG was originally announced to make a comeback once the members returned from the military, and YG Entertainment has yet to release any statement regarding their future plans.

Source: Nate Pann