BIGBANG Seungri’s Business Partner Is Reportedly Park Han Byul’s Husband

They’ve been in business together until recently.

It has been reported that the business partner of BIGBANG‘s Seungri, Mr. Yoo, is actually actress Park Han Byul‘s husband.

Seungri has managed his ramen business, lounge bar and investment company through a holding company called Yoori Holdings. Recently, business management consulting and real estate have also been added to the business categories of this company.


Seungri and Mr. Yoo were joint representatives of the company until Seungri recently resigned in preparations for his military enlistment.

The name of the company, Yoori Holdings, was also created from the “Yoo” of Mr. Yoo and “Ri” of Seungri. One investor stated that this Mr. Yoo was Park Han Byul’s husband.

As far as I know, Mr. Yoo, who was joing representative of the business alongside Seungri, is Park Han Byul’s husband.

ㅡ Investor


Information about Park Han Byul’s husband has remained a secret after the actress suddenly announced her marriage in November 2017. Her agency stated that he was “a businessman in the financial industry who is the same age (as Park Han Byul).”

Park Han Byul has since been happily married with a son who was born on April 2018.


Meanwhile, Park Han Byul stated that she has been going through personal issues lately but that it has not greatly affected her acting at a recent press conference for her upcoming drama I Love You When I’m Sad (literal translation).

I’ve had a big personal issue lately but I don’t think it’s affected my acting very much. Instead, I think it’s changed my heart and attitude. It’s changed my perspective on life. Everything feels different and the drama itself is also more heavy, deep and emotional than Borg Mom so it requires more concentration but I feel like I’m able to focus better after I got married than when I was alone.

ㅡ Park Han Byul

Source: Sports Chosun