Former BIGBANG’s Seungri Denies All Charges Made Against Him For Illegal Filming…Despite Newly Acquired Witnesses

The witnesses will go on stand from November onwards.

Former BIGBANG‘s Seungri went on his second trial on 14 October 2020, for charges made against him previously, including illegal filming and distribution of sexual content. During the trial, he repeatedly denied the charges for illegal filming.

His last trial was on 16 September 2020, where he first denied charges of embezzlement, prostitution and illegal filming. Since then, the prosecution had been under preparation for a full-scale trial, as they discussed the procurement of evidence and coordinating witnesses.

The trial lasted over an hour, and it was reported that Seungri did not waver from his stance. He denied all filming charges personally. When asked how he had obtained a particular photograph, Seungri explained that it was sent to him via WeChat, from an employee working at an entertainment bar in Singapore. He however, admitted that the photo was then sent to the private chat room in which Jung Joon Young and Kim In Cheol were present.

Seungri also claimed that he cannot agree with the evidenciary photographs of Monkey Museum that were brought up to prove the alleged violation of the Food Sanitation Act. He denied the evidence claiming an unclear source. He also disagreed to the adoption of evidence with regards to the hosting of the Philippine party that was involved with prostitution.

In terms of the law, the judge explained that if the defendant is not agreeable to adoption of evidence, a cross-examination using said evidence cannot be undertaken.

Seungri was previously charged with mediating prostitution to investors from Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, as well as violation of Food Sanitation Act and embezzlement with regards to his club, Monkey Museum.

| Hankook Ilbo

The trial will continue weekly from 12 November 2020 in order to interrogate the 22 witnesses to the charges, including prostitution and illegal filming. Stay tuned for more updates.

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