VIP Will Get To Take A 215-Day Journey Into BIGBANG Taeyang’s Life Through A New Documentary Series

Taeyang is set to release a brand new documentary series:

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang will be taking VIP through 215 days of his life through a recently announced documentary series.

The series, called “White Night“, will take VIP behind-the-scenes of Taeyang’s life as he prepared for his third studio album, White Night, as well as his White Night solo tour. As the documentary will span 215 days in Taeyang’s life, it will take fans through the time of his album preparation all the way through to his marriage and military enlistment.

Additionally, the film will focus on the true stories of Dong Young Bae (Taeyang’s real name) rather than focusing in on Taeyang as a celebrity.

The series will be broken into a total of eight parts that will run over every Monday and Thursday over a period of 4 weeks beginning. White Night will be released for free through Taeyang and BIGBANG’s official YouTube accounts at 7 PM KST with the first episode set to release on Taeyang’s birthday, May 18!

Check out even more teaser photos for the series below:

Source: KBS News