BIGBANG’s Taeyang Opens Up On How Min Hyo Rin Changed His Mind On Marriage

Their love story will go down in history!

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang released the 6th episode of his YouTube documentary, “White Night”. The episode’s title, “Crystal Clear”, was befitting as he opened up about how his wife Min Hyo Rin changed his mind on marriage.

The episode was filmed back in April 2017, a year before his marriage and enlistment. He was having dinner with a friend when they started discussing marriage.

Taeyang claimed that marriage and raising a family together is ultimately good for men.

It’s ultimately good for men to meet someone nice, marry, and raise a family together.

The difference in results between when I’m doing nothing by myself versus when I set my mind to something is incredibly large. You get an unimaginable amount of abilities.

— Taeyang

When his friend asked if he had plans to marry Min Hyo Rin, he confidently responded, “That’s why we’re together.

He also opened up about how they talked about marriage frequently and claimed there’s no point in dating someone for multiple years if you don’t have marriage in mind.

We talk about marriage a lot. My girlfriend and I.

There’s no point in dating someone for 4 years if we don’t have marriage in mind.

— Taeyang

But he also confessed that it’s not all flowers and glitter when it comes to marriage. He revealed that Min Hyo Rin and he still fight but they work through it together because they ultimately love each other!

He also confessed that if it wasn’t for Min Hyo Rin, he probably would not have thought about marriage in his life!

But it’s hard. We still fight. There’s no way we can stop fighting.

But when it comes down to it, I don’t think I would have thought about marriage if I didn’t meet her. I love her that much.

— Taeyang

And about a year after filming this episode, Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin tied the knot right before he enlisted in the military! These two lovebirds overcame the near 2 years separation and reunited once again, proving that true love really does exist!

Source: My Daily