BIGBANG’s T.O.P Opens Up About Releasing His First Solo Album Since Debut

He talked about his plans for his first solo album!

BIGBANG‘s T.O.P is gearing up for his solo album!


T.O.P recently sat down for an interview with Prestige magazine, where he talked about his past, future BIGBANG plans, and more!

While talking about his own future plans, he shared that he’s been diligently preparing for his upcoming first solo album! After leaving YG Entertainment this year, T.O.P is set to release new music soon, and shared that he’s “ready” to share it with his fans now!

I’ve been saying to my fans since my debut that I’ve been planning to come back with a solo album sometime in the future, whenever I feel ready. Now, I feel ready. My first album will come out soon, and it will be my very first journey of sharing who I really am.


T.O.P reveals that throughout their long hiatus, he continuously recorded songs, and the album is filled with his sincere efforts over the last few years!

You’ll be surprised, because I’ve been recording continuously during the hiatus, and there’ll be a lot of different genres included in the album. All the songs are from my pure heart — I spent a lot of sweat and effort to make this album possible.


He then gave a few details about his new album, sharing that it will even have a feature film with a  global creative team and cast!

For the first time since my debut 16 years ago, my first full album will be released, and this album will be created as a feature film.


Fans are super excited for his musical return, and cannot wait for his talent to flourish!

Source: Prestige