BIGBANG Is Truly An Inspiration To Fellow Artists, YG Entertainment’s WINNER, iKON, And TREASURE Express Their Gratitude

“They’re our idol, our celebrity.”

BIGBANG recently had their first comeback in four years with the beautiful title track “Still Life.”

The group has once again proven their immense popularity, with “Still Life” reaching incredible milestones on music charts.

And while some fans are speculating that “Still Life” may be the last BIGBANG comeback for a long time, due to a touching message from T.O.P

BIGBANG T.O.P’s Latest Message To His Fans Signals No More Comebacks For A Very Long Time

The comeback was incredibly meaningful for fans and other artists alike. BIGBANG is a group that has been known to have inspired many idols, including IU, Zico, and BTS‘s Jungkook.

And, of course, BIGBANG’s fellow YG Entertainment artists all view the group with the utmost respect.

In a special video uploaded to BIGBANG’s official YouTube channel, YG Entertainment’s WINNER, iKON, and TREASURE all attended a viewing of the music video for “Still Life.”


Before watching the music video, the three groups first talked about how excited they were for BIGBANG’s comeback and shared how much the group means to them as artists.


WINNER’s Hoony (also known as Seunghoon) shared that although BIGBANG hadn’t released music as a group in a long time, fans, including WINNER, “would’ve waited for them for a long time.”

WINNER’s Hoony | BIGBANG/YouTube 

And TREASURE’s Hyunsuk even shares that he and his members actually feel nervous to watch the music video because of how much they look up to BIGBANG.

| BIGBANG/YouTube 

Then the staff asked the three groups to describe what BIGBANG meant to them as artists, which genuinely showcased the groups’ appreciation for their sunbaes (seniors in the industry).

I think of them as a frame. They made this frame and many artists and music came out being influenced by them.

WINNER’s Hoony

| BIGBANG/YouTube 
| BIGBANG/YouTube 

Artists that let us know the beauty of singers.

-TREASURE’s Jihoon

TREASURE’s Jihoon | BIGBANG/YouTube 

They made us be who we are today. Honestly, they helped us be where we are right now.

-TREASURE’s Hyunsuk

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk | BIGBANG/YouTube 

They had our back even before we had our debut and they really led us by example. They’re the distinctive color of YG.

-iKON’s Bobby

(left to right) iKON’s JUNE, DK, and Bobby | BIGBANG/YouTube 

They’re our idol, our celebrity.

-iKON’s DK

| BIGBANG/YouTube 

And the reactions of all three groups to “Still Life” only proves how meaningful BIGBANG was in shaping who they have become as artists.

| BIGBANG/YouTube 

With TREASURE’s Yoshi even crying while watching the music video. Explaining that he “was always with BIGBANG’s songs when [he] cried and laughed,” and so the lyrics greatly impacted him.

| BIGBANG/YouTube 

Of course, all three groups have continually expressed their admiration and respect for BIGBANG in the past.

TREASURE even recently had their first concert, TRACE, where they showcased different cover performances of their YG Entertainment sunbaes including BIGBANG.

And fans of all four groups are, of course, incredibly touched by WINNER, iKON, and TREASURE’s comments, truly proving BIGBANG’s incredible legacy.

You can watch the complete music video reaction here.