BigHit Announces Strict ID Checks For BTS’s 5th Muster In Seoul

They have taken measures to prevent ticket forgeries.

BTS‘s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, is giving fans a heads up about BTS’s 5th Muster.


Muster is an annual global fan event where BTS “musters” their ARMY troops for special concerts combined with fan meetings. This year’s theme is “Magic Shop”, taken from their 2018 song of the same name.


The first part of 5th Muster took place in Busan on June 15 and 16 at Busan Asiad Auxiliary Stadium. Although the event itself was a success, Big Hit Entertainment and the Busan police both came under fire for how they handled fans’ entry into the venue. The police, who have since made a statement about the matter, were accused of harming and sexually harassing fans, and preventing fans with legitimate tickets from entering.


It has been reported that among the 6000+ ARMYs who legally bought tickets, some were denied entry. Prior to the event, attendees were told that they would need a student ID card made in Korea, or a paper ID to enter. During the day of the event, however, police reportedly said they were not going to allow students with paper IDs to enter, and fans who were denied were not given refunds.


In preparation for the Seoul Muster, which will take place June 22 and 23, Big Hit Entertainment emphasized the importance of ID checks. To enter, attendees must have proper proof of identity and “additional evidence” to back it up, if needed.